An easy way to delete files forever from hard drive

Are you planning to sell or dispose your Windows 7 hard drive? Are you sure that all your sensitive data present in the drive is deleted properly? Have you taught that your important files can be easily recovered with file recovery tool? Don’t worry; you can wipe disk data easily by using good Drive wipe software.

Before we know more about the software, first let’s see why the user should wipe their hard drive or any other storage device before selling to unknown person.

With the advanced technologies people store their precious memories in the form of files in the hard drive of your Windows based computer. They may even store confidential information like official document, financial records etc. This stored data you don’t want to be disclosed by anyone else when you sale or dispose your computer or laptop. Thus people prefer to delete their data forever which are very much confidential by relying on third party software.

You need to use a drive wipe tool for wiping the essential data because deleting the files by formatting/reformatting, deleting partitions, by using delete options and emptying the Recycle Bin is not gone forever. When you format the drive it only makes the storage space ready to be used again and that can be easily recovered by data recovery tool. Hence you should wipe the hard drive if you want to delete the data permanently from hard disk. When you wipe the drive, the data onto the drive is erased and overwritten by random values so that nobody could restore and access the data.

Suppose you are an investigator then you will be always worried about the significant data with you. In order to create a backup of your data from your computer, you connected an external hard drive and copied all the files from computer. But to use external drive of more storage capacity you decided to sale your old external HDD. Deleting the data from the drive is not enough to be sure that the data is deleted completely from the drive. Now you must be depressed and thinking what can be done next?

No need to get upset!!! It is possible to wipe out all your important data from external hard drive by using hard drive wiping tool. This tool can even wipe Windows7 hard drive data and ensure that the data cannot be recovered by using any powerful restoration utility.

Features of hard drive wiping tool is as follows:

The hard drive wiping tool helps you to wipe out all the data from the variety of storage drives like USB flash drive, CF memory cards, and pen drives. Hence, you can wipe Windows 7 hard drive and external drives connected on to it. This software uses nine different shredding patterns to overwrite the data on the storage device approved by various government and law enforcement agencies. The software overwrites the drive again and again to make sure that the data on the drive cannot be recovered. This tool consists of inbuilt scheduler to erase the data based on the scheduled time. This hard drive wiping software is compatible with all versions of Windows operating system like Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista of 32-bit as well as 64-bit processors.

The speed of shredding the drive is so fast that helps the user to save their valuable time and system resources.

Follow simple steps to wipe the hard drive using hard drive wiping tool:

Click here to download the free version of the tool and install it on the Windows based computer. Launch the application and select the drive to wipe from the main screen. You can wipe a logical drive or whole drive by selecting the drive and clicking “Next” button. Select the appropriate sanitization method among the nine methods click “Next”. Now click on “OK” button to start the erasing process. When your process is completed and if you are satisfied with the performance you can buy the full form of the tool available online.


Permanental deletion of data to avoid access

Hard disk are the devices which are used to save the digital data and get access when they are needed. Data are stored on a surface of magnetic plates which are on a bulk inside hard disk, these plate rotates at very high speed and save the data in it. The surface of a disk saves the the data in the form of either 1’s or 0’s and whenever you save the data its in the form of ones and zeros. Whenever you save data in the drive (text, zip file, movie, whatever) it is converted in the form of a row of 0’s and 1’s.

So whenever you delete the data from hard disks those ones and zeros aren’t deleted in fact they remain there at the same place and merely only the pointer pointing to that particular 0’s and 1’s will be deleted and still the data is recoverable.

Then what about formatting of hard disk? Securing of data if expected from formatted process then your expectation will fail totally as its very easy to retrieve data from hard disk after it get formatted for windows.

Even there are some ways to recuperate data but still there are some ways to wipe the data completely from hard disk. But how to wipe disk when formatting option fails to secure the data.

Disk wipe software is the option left to do so. Some software which is intended to delete the data permanently from hard disk. Not only hard disk but there are some more devices which need to be cleaned up before selling the hard disk or USB drives.

Apart using these wiping software better use defragmentation or you can yourself save the crap data after formatting the hard disk so that the original data can be overwritten on a hard disk. There is some more reason.

It is always recommended to physically damage the hard disk so that others cannot use as your data is insured inside the hard disk. But still if somebody wants to sell the hard disk then its is better to wipe whole data from hard disk and make it for sell.

So for the reason you can use the software, there are else which are linked to the download links and some of the software comes with snaps shots which make wiping of data more easier. But it’s always recommended  to use the trial version of the software so that they can be tested before download of the full version.

Wiping of data is always secured way to save the data.