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Unerase Files on Windows OS

Windows Operating system is widely used in various business enterprises and diversely used in house to keep all the crucial files such as images, movies, videos, folders, documents, official files, confidential elements and so on. This Windows OS make use of FAT or NTFS file system to store or fetch files from hard drive or from other storage media systematically. The files stored on the Windows system are susceptible to deletion due to human errors or others.

But don’t worry, now it is possible to unerase files from Windows OS. Do you know why the erased files are recoverable? When you erase any files, Windows just set a mark on the file information block and notifies the file system that the space which the file formerly occupied is free and can be reusable. In most of the cases Windows doesn’t wipe the file body and hence the file content still remains there and it is possible to unerase files by using third party recovery tool named as unerase file. This unerase file tool is designed by expert professionals and hence you can effectively unerase file on Windows OS without facing any sort of destruction.

In order to get successful result on recovery of erased file, it is suggested to stop writing new files to the same drive. This is because it may over write the erased file content and make the deleted files unrecoverable. Also, it is suggested to stop using other applications and software on your system before restoring your erased files because some programs may write data to system drive which may overwrite the deleted files.

Now let us go through some of the factors that lead to deletion of files from Windows OS

  • If your Windows hard drive is corrupted and all the files become inaccessible then the only option that has left to overcome this issue is to format the drive. But formatting hard drive deletes all the important files and folders and you cannot afford to lose it.
  • Files from the Windows system gets erased permanently if you delete files by using Shift + Delete key combination.
  • If you use your Windows system on an unsecure network or you don’t have an updated antivirus then there is a possibility for deletion of files stored on it.
  • Accidentally formatting Windows hard drive results in erasure of entire files preserved in it.
  • Deletion of files on Windows Recycle Bin by mistake instead of restoring deleted files.
  • Use of unreliable third party application may also leads to erase files without your notice.

Unerase file is an effective software that supports to recover erased files from the above mentioned reasons or others without facing any difficulty.  This application has an ability to unerase files from the partitions having RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5 array. It is possible to identify and unerase up to 280 file types including spreadsheets, PPT files, documents, email archives, zip archives and other important file types based on their unique signatures. Unerase file tool is compatible to unerase files on different version of Windows OS that includes Vista, XP, 95, 98, 2000, 2003, 2000, Windows 7, Windows 8 and others. Continue reading this page: if you need to get more knowledge on how to unerase files without facing any sort of difficulty.

Best file recovery software for your PC

Have you lost your important files from your PC and searching for the best PC recovery software? If yes, then you are at right place to get back all deleted or lost files with ease, file recovery software can resolve all your worries and successfully retains all sorts of files which are lost due to deletion or from formatted hard drive. This software is capable to retrieve deleted files from the Windows and Mac OS as well as from any external data storage devices. It helps you under below data loss situation.

  • Deletion using “Shift + Del” keys: – You might have wiped out the vital files using “Shift + Del” keys combination. The deleted files will merely bypass the recycle Bin folder and results in files loss. In this situation you can use this best files recuperation software lucratively to retrieve data.
  • Accidental erasure: – You may erase the wrong files, instead of deleting nonessential files. Thus, mistakenly you could to lose significant files.
  • Fortuitous deletion of partitions: – You might perhaps delete the wrong partition, while removing other partition, thus, wrongly deleted partitions could escort to gigantic data loss.
  • Virus invasion: – Vital files loss normally occurs due to these dangerous virus infections. Thus, when virus is penetrates into your system, and then it could smash up the whole file stored on system and makes you to lose data.
  • Some system internal errors: -Some bad sectors could exist due to system configuration fault, debased boot records, perceptive read / write processes; file system corruption etc. are the system’s internal factors that could habitually corruptions to the files stored on your system.

Is there any of the above reason for your precious data loss? No need to be worried about the reasons, but after losing key files, simply pass up storing any files, such that it might cause overwriting of the deleted files. Then, it might escalate you to reach the edge of permanent loss. Make use of proficient Anti Virus tool to make safe all your system files from virus attacks.

This PC file recovery software is proficient to pull through all types of files and is used on all Windows OS and Mac OS. It has the facility to recuperate all files from formatted drives, lost partition, you can exploit it on the situation of data loss which could occur due to OS re-installing crash and booting fault. It creatively recovers all text documents, OLE objects, music, video, more than 300 types of files having unique extensions along with hyperlinks etc. Once you complete recuperation, all files could be sought on new location. It is skilled to carry out read only actions on your data; it won’t change, alter or demolish any other unaffected data. This best revitalization software includes veteran built-in scan efficacy; it identifies all deleted and mislaid files and summon up for the other files which are not located in proper location.

This software explains each and every step of the recovery procedures, so you can also use it on all Windows versions and external drives. You can make the most assurance of this software to pull through files from FAT, NTFS, HFS+ and HFS partitions. It is applicable to revitalize of data on SCSI, SATA, IDE and USB flash drives.

If you wish to check its performance and recovery results, you can go for the demo version of this software first; using this software you scan the drive to and execute this demo version, all files and folders will be retrieved in single scan. If you wish to restore the recovered files, you have to get the licensed version of this software.

Corrupted Memory Card Photo Recovery Problem Solved

I am using a professional Nikon coolpix model camera .As a professional photographer I selected this because it’s highly water proof also it includes SDXC memory card for data storage. I accidentally deleted a set of images that I need now .Can there be any easy and latest tool to recover memory card data?

I tried to access my camera memory stick using my Windows 7 operating system. To my unlucky the virus in the PC affected the memory card in additional vain. Is there any good recovery software for regaining those files? 

My friend accidentally removed the memory card from its slot before proper turning off the Smartphone of mine. And due to this some of the images which are in processing state went missing. Can I able to recover it?

The Nikon coolpix model is an excellent model for any professional photographer. Mostly The reason for picking out the SDXC type memory card is that they tend to be faster in comparison with that of memory sticks like MMC or perhaps a SD card .The storing and fetching of an image is proactive as well as the data might be extended up to 32GB which supplies a significantly larger space. The deleted pictures in way the photographs are not deleted completely only the pointers towards the image actual memory location is deleted so that the image is not viewed further .It may be undeleted using a recovery utility understand that too can be done not until the memory of the storage device is not rewritten i.e. the memory card should not be reused before the recover deleted pictures from camera is fully done

Virus related issues:

When it comes to virus related problems. It is better advised never to turn on the sd card or camera while using PC as it can certainly spark a permanent damage to the imaging device firmware. To extract images from virus infected memory cards is tricky task but tend to be possibly finished with the assistance of a eminent revival tool .The tool must be competent at resurrecting images after skipping the herpes virus content. It really is advised to check on and invest in a tool.

Unprocessed images:

In the case of lost unprocessed images may be left with a recovery tool itself. The particular concern is to find a tool with basic quality option. One of several tools which provide this facility is supplied here .There is some particular causes of choosing it for recovering deleted pictures from camera. A number of the reasons are

  • Ø Supports just about all forms of storage device or memory sticks you can get in the marketplace.
  • Ø Provides a much better support in recovering high resolution file formats for example RAW, TIFF and CR2 .These are generally file formats which are uniquely designed for photographic camera.
  • Ø It’s the best pick for virus infected image files since it scans the hard drive just for files with reputed extensions. Although the virus file is able to bypass this scan the tool provides an additional option of select and recovers that helps an individual to preview the pictures and retrieve them.
  • Ø Since it requires merely the memory cards and memory sticks there will be no damage caused to the imaging device
  • Ø It is available in two different OS Windows and Mac

To install doesn’t need a much complicated skill set. People who have kiddy computer knowledge are very well enough to drive the recovery or restoring process. By default the item may come as a demo version but it’s strongly suggested to go with the paid full version of it because in demo version it is possible to able to only recover the images. In order to save the recovered images full version is vital.

Easiest way to perform file recovery

In today’s world, the number of computer users increasing day by day. Everyone across the globe wants an easiest and accessible way to retrieve and store data without facing any complications. But, there is a major problem which is faced by many computer users is the loss of files and folders from computer hard drive. In order to solve this major issue, expert engineers having years of experience in the field of data recovery developed software named as file recovery software that helps user in recovering files from computer hard drive or from various other data storage drives with ease. The advanced data recovery algorithms of this software performs a deep scan of the drive that helps user to recover lost or deleted files and folders from hard disk, external hard drives, memory card, USB drives with utmost ease.


The most common reason is accidental deletion of files instead of deleting some unnecessary files is quite common these days. Such type of case arises when users delete their important files and folders using “Shift + Delete” key combination. The file or folder deleted using this key combination will not go in Recycle Bin, whenever the user accidentally deletes some of his important office documents, then it is not possible to retrieve it from the Recycle Bin. Deleting a file will never erase the stored data permanently. It just removes the reference pointers directing towards the stored files and marks the file as deleted and sets the particular space free to store new data, the actual data remains there until it gets overwritten with new data. In such miserable situation, just make use of file recovery software that helps user to perform file recovery in few easy steps.


Formatting a computer hard drive is other major cause which results in loss of files and folders. Formatting a hard drive deletes all the stored data from the logical drives and assigns a new file system like FAT or NTFS for proper data management. Before formatting, it is always advised to keep necessary backup of important files and folders. Many times users accidentally format their hard drive without taking the backup of important data. For the users who lost their precious files and folders after formatting hard disk drive, can use file recovery software.


Computer user also faces problem of losing files when the size of the Recycle Bin reaches its maximum storage capacity, due to this it automatically starts deleting the old files and folders. That’s why it is better to delete the unnecessary files from the Recycle Bin. In such condition, you need to use my file recovery application that helps user in recovering deleted files from Recycle Bin and restore your data efficiently. Moreover, file recovery software has the capacity to retrieve data from Mac Trash at your fingertips. Just go ahead and download the free trial version of the software and evaluate the probability of recovery by previewing the recovered results. And to save the recovered data, just buy the licensed version of the software.

Tips To Repair Damaged Outlook PST File

Outlook is an email management tool which comes with the Microsoft Office. This Microsoft Outlook contains Emails, contact list, personal details, journals, notes, etc. Suppose what will happen if you lose all your emails and contact list suddenly and those emails are very important. You want them back at any cost. To get back all deleted emails and contact list is possible by using Outlook PST recovery software. Now you will have question that what is the PST? PST is the Personal storage table which stores all the mails, notes, contacts, journals etc. in Outlook. In Outlook all these items are stored in .pst file format.  Outlook comes in different versions like Outlook 2000, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010. These all Outlook versions are differentiated with their storage capacity. Outlook 2000’s PST file stores only 2 GB data, PST file of Outlook 2003 & 2007 stores 20 GB data and PST file of Outlook 2010 stores 50GB data. This stored data in the PST file can get corrupt,  there are so many reasons of corruption of these PST files so some of those reasons are as below,

Many people don’t update latest antivirus so there are chances of virus or malware infection to these PST file. Due to this virus infection this PST file get affect and this may cause PST file corruption. Some people try to upgrade Outlook from old version to new version of Outlook. During this upgradation of Outlook people may lose their stored data in old version of Outlook. Many people try to compact their PST file and try to make it in small size, during this compression process they lose their Outlook data. While using the Outlook application if suddenly system get shutdown without closing Outlook application then there are chances of corruption of data stored in this Outlook application. In corporate level many companies use the same PST file over network. So due to use of same PST file over network, if any error occurs during the sharing of these folders, it may affect to loss of data from PST file. People may face the problem that they are unable to access their mails from PST files due to any reasons. In such condition there is very difficult to retrieve back your data and to repair your corrupted Outlook data without any tool. To recover all lost and damaged file there is the only one way is that, you have to use recovery software.

You can use Outlook recovery tool to solve your all issues regarding to the Outlook. This software helps you to recover all your lost Outlook data like, emails, notes, journals, personal details, calendar items etc. You can recover outlook folder very easily and very efficiently by using this software. This software not only recover lost Outlook folder but also repair corrupted Outlook folder as it is. To use this Outlook recovery software there is no need of technical knowledge to recover or to repair Outlook corrupted/damaged Outlook PST folders. You can use this software very easily. To see PST recovery software results you can download free demo version of this software to preview your recovery results.

How To Use Data Recovery Software?

Data is a collection of arbitrary information. File solely is a container of data based on its type. Files are represented as one-dimensional array of bytes in most of the operating systems. Data is stored in several formats. A format of file is dependent on type of content, which is identified by its file extension that specifies how the bytes has to be organized and interpreted. In the past, Windows operating system utilized to store files in FAT16, FAT32 formats. FAT i.e., File Allocation Table was utilized for storing and organizing data in hard drive. In the present trend, Windows based pc makes use of NTFS file format. NTFS (New Technology File System) is a file format for manipulation and organization of data in hard drive.


As the number of computer users have increased in the present trend, they tend to store all their data associated with business and personal life within their computers. After using the most reliable and user-friendly operating system like Windows many individuals still face loss of data problems. Data loss is an awful experience faced by any user that directly affects business along with personal life. Data loss can be caused because of human negligence, corruption of file system, improper turning off laptop or computer, unintentionally deleting files, and much more. To prevent these kinds of problems you should perform data file recovery to efficiently recover deleted and lost files.


Scenarios that contribute to loss of data:
Human errors: Data is frequently misplaced and lost due to human negligence like while deleting unwanted files from your system if you tend to delete the wrong file by-mistake rather than deleting other file then in this instance you tend to lose files.
Conversion of file system: Data can also get deleted or lost because of some error encountered during conversion of file systems for example converting a FAT file system to NTFS in Windows based pc or vice versa.
Partitioning error: If some error is encountered while trying to create new partitions or to rename any partition can corrupt that particular partition, which makes all the data stored inside inaccessible to the user.
File system corruption: If the file system i.e., useful for data organization gets corrupted because of improper shut down, file header corruption, Master Boot Record failure, virus attack, etc., then it results in huge loss of data.


These were a few of the few reasons that contribute to major loss of data. To avoid loss of data you have to always have a copy of files as backup. Update your system with latest version of Antivirus program in order to avoid any kind of logical corruptions. If you fail to have backup of files then you need to opt for some powerful and efficient recovery tool. Data File Recovery software program is one of the most preferable software amongst the Windows users that can recover deleted and lost files effortlessly.


By using this software, you are able to recover files from formatted and re-formatted drives or partitions. It supports data recovery from RAID 0, RAID 1 and RAID 5 partitions that where formatted or deleted. With the help of this software, you are able to bypasses bad sectors by creating disk image files. It can even recover data from several types of memory cards, mp3 players, USB drives, FireWire drives, etc. It has an ability to recover deleted files comprising of Alternate Data Streams attribute from NTFS formatted drives. You are able to download the demo version of the software, which is for free. You can even preview the recovered files with help of demo version. When you are pleased with the recovery result, then you can certainly save the previewed result by purchasing the application.


Undelete files from recycle bin

What is computer software? The software is the information required by the computer for the execution of any program or application. The software includes accessing, processing, running, executing and opening of different applications. Software programs and applications include Word processor, Spreadsheet, Operating systems, internet browser, emails etc. Any document you create on your computer is known as software. The software is stored in the form of files on hard disk, memory card, CD ROM or any other storage devices.
What is file?
File stores all the information and data to execute programs and applications on the computer. It includes many features like you can create, rename, share, edit, drag drop and delete the file. After creating a new file you can also print the file by using the print command and quit or exit the application after saving the file. The computer saves this information on the hard drive.
How files gets deleted?
Microsoft developed recycle bin in Windows 95 operating system. If you delete any files or folders from your computer and later you realize you actually want to undelete files from recycle bin, you can easily get your files back by double clicking the recycle bin icon and selecting the “Restore Option”. Sometimes, due to accidently clicking shift + delete key data deleted from recycle bin also. People think it gets deleted permanently. Actually, the file is not erased from the hard drive only the bit, which points the location of the files is erased. Hence, the files become invisible to you by erasing the pointer. Sometimes, there are many other reasons why files get deleted. It may be due to abruptly shutting down your computer, formatted or corrupted hard drive, power outage, and virus attacks also. So, by downloading a good recovery software you can recover your lost, undelete deleted files, corrupted, deleted, data and documents. You can easily install any good file recovery software available in the market.

Steps to download and install the file recovery software
Step 1: Download the free trial version of file recovery software, install it and create a shortcut icon on the desktop.
Step 2: Launch the software by double clicking the icon on the desktop and select the appropriate partition/drive or storage devices from where you want to recover data and click “Next”.
Step 3: Select the appropriate scanning option. The software will start scanning the files and folders which you want to recover then click “Next”.
Step 4: You can preview the recovered files and folders and save the file in any desired location.
Step 5: You can sort the recovered files on the basis of name, date, file type and size.

Actions to Perform File Recovery in Windows Operating system

Recycle Bin is probably the Windows features that stores the particular erased documents before you empty the Recycle Bin by yourself. Each time a file is taken away in the Windows os by using “delete” selection then that record is taken off from the current place and simply stored in the actual Recycle Bin. Recycle Bin is like the safe-keeping directly into which you can move any records. The Windows Recycle Bin isn’t just in just one drive, as an alternative each partition associated with computer’s hard drive possesses its own Recycle Bin designated. Yet sometimes data files get deleted from Recycle Bin also as a result of several certain motives. If that’s the case you have to restore files from Recycle Bin. Universal serial bus drivers can also be used for storing essential documents and also programs. USB drives are usually well-liked since they’re tiny, transportable and can shop information for a long period actually without power source. But file loss can also be experienced from Universal series bus drives also. Such circumstances it is possible to perform deleted file recovery from USB drives to have back the actual removed records. You can use a great file recovery tool both in the cases. Before heading throughout information regarding the particular file recovery method and the software we have to check out a number of frequent document loss cases in Windows OS.
Report loss Situations in Windows OS:
Accidental removal: Data files may be removed in the Recycle Bin because of typical human being error like deleting wrong document employing shift + delete command rather than some other report unintentionally. Report erased from Universal serial bus drives through making use of erase key furthermore won’t keep the deleted document inside Recycle Bin as there is zero Recycle Bin given for outside the body connected storage device similar to USB drives.
Recycle Bin Bypass: Documents which can be having size bigger the particular free space for sale in the individual Recycle Bin whenever removed, either it’s kept in your Recycle Bin by simply trashing some in the past deleted documents or just receives erased from Recycle Bin which is called Recycle Bin bypass. Occasionally if the Recycle Bin gets full together with deleted data files then a Windows operating system at random erases a few of the previous erased files in the Recycle Bin to keep some free space inside it. In such scenario a variety of crucial files find erased from Recycle Bin.
Improper Utilization of USB drive: Poor use similar to inappropriate insertion or even removing the particular Universal serial bus drives although document transfer just isn’t accomplished can delete your data files saved in this. Unpredicted situations just like quick power malfunction or even poor switch off in the system throughout record exchange process are the other reasons for document loss.
In case you are stuck in most of the earlier mentioned record loss scenarios and then utilization of Remo Recover (Windows)-Basic version is regarded as the hassle-free strategy to emerge from this kind of. Some of the important functions with this application are defined in brief below.
This software retrieves all the files which can be lost/deleted from Windows operating system on account of Recycle Bin bypass. Files removed from exterior storage units just like Universal series bus drives, FireWire drives, expensive storage cards as well as other kinds of computer drives can be retrieved using this application. This software sustains record restoration from drives obtaining FAT, NTFS and EXFAT extendable. To gauge its performance you need to download the application.


How to Recover Deleted files on Mac

Macintosh is the most secure as well as reliable operating-system developed by Apple Inc. The recent versions of Macintosh Operating system are Leopard, Snow Leopard, and Lion. Macintosh OS provides us with many of the distinctive applications like iTunes, iPhoto, Safari (web browser) etc. Trash within Macintosh PCs is nearly just like the Recycle Bin inside Windows computers, were data files get stored soon after removal. Nevertheless, Mac gives us two choices to empty the trash. One is “Empty Trash” and also the other one is “Secure Empty Trash”. By using Empty Trash option to delete files, the actual data files could be restored by making use of a third party recovery tool Once the Trash will be emptied making use of Secure Empty Trash option, then the data can not be restored employing any 3rd party tool. Since When Secure Empty Trash choice is utilized, it’ll erase the actual files and will overwrite the location using garbage data. Therefore, creating recover file difficult. Accidentally emptying Trash within Mac is a basic problem. Consequently, recovery is essential to undelete emptied Trash.

Take a look about the cases, which causes loss of data on Mac. Once you erase a few undesirable documents or folders, they will get stored in Trash. Sometimes for you to space on your harddrive you might empty Trash. After if you’d like those files and folders, it is possible to restore these making use of virtually any third party tool. Nevertheless, if you use “Secure Empty Trash “option to be able to empty the trash, then it’s not possible to retrieve this making use of any kind of 3rd party tool. Nonetheless, Remo Recover (Mac)-Media Edition can easily recover deleted files in Mac caused because of the previously mentioned scenario. It may also retrieve data, if the erased data files bypass the Trash due to exceeding size of the Trash.

Remo Recover (Mac)-Basic Edition software allows you to access information merely within five actions. It has advanced algorithms in order to recover information through emptied trash. It also provides Universal Binary application that facilitates the two Intel and PowerPC Mac hardware. They have extremely fast “Find Tool” to locate certain Mac document. It could identity and restores various file types making use of their unique signatures. As Macintosh supports 2 file systems, that happen to be HFS (hierarchical file system) and HFS+, Remo Recover (Mac) software can retrieve files from these file systems. That supports 64 bit Mac OS, which is Lion, Leopard and Snow Leopard. The “Save Recovery Session” feature allows you reload the recovery session if you purchase the software avoiding you to re-scan the particular drive again.

Several protective measures that you just must don’t forget

• When an individual deleted data, that has been essential, do not overwrite the hard drive using any data.
• Try to utilize every other hard drive regarding retrieved info instead of the identical one from which a person recovered.
• Try to recover your removed data as quickly as possible.

Consequently, Remo Recover (Mac) software is the most secure as well as easiest method to recover your data via trash. Thus, Download the actual demo version of the software and check its effectiveness.


How to recover files from Windows Operating System

Windows 7 is the latest release of Microsoft Windows operating system, which is released three years later than its predecessor Vista. Like Vista, Windows 7 use NTFS file system to store and retrieve the files but it also supports FAT file system in order to avoid the compatibility issue. Windows 7 includes various new and updated features like big-screen support, start button search, Nag-free system tray, media streamer playback, iTunes support in Windows media player, touch controls, etc. Compare to previous versions, Windows 7 is very good in terms of graphics, application performance and compatibility. Hence most of the Windows users are migrating to Windows 7 from previous versions.

Even though NTFS is a secure and reliable file system, loss of data is a common problem which most of the Windows 7 users encounter. Sometimes deletion or loss of important files leads to critical problem. In case if you are facing such a data loss problem, here is an optimum solution. Now data recovery is no more complex. File recovery software for Windows can restore all your deleted or lost files. Prior to discussing the recovery procedure, let us walk through some data loss scenarios which most of the Windows users end up with. A few common scenarios are listed here.

  • Since human beings are prone to mistakes, accidental deletion of files is the most common reason for data loss. While deleting unwanted files from hard drives or external drives, if you accidentally delete some important file by using “Shift + Delete” key combination, then it will bypass the Recycle Bin and no chance of restoring.
  • Sometimes due to virus attack or operating system crash there chances of registry values getting corrupt. In such cases some of your files associated with corrupted registry values become inaccessible.
  • While synchronizing the data between removable storage device and computer, your computer might shutdown improperly. This will interrupt or disconnect the sinking process. At this point of time you might lose some files.

No matter how files are deleted, you can recover using some professional data recovery software. You might be thinking how this tool recovers the files which are not even listed in Recycle Bin. Whenever a file gets delete from Windows 7 computer, only the pointer which points to the stored location of the file will be removed and space marked as available but the actual stream of bytes still resides on the stored sector until the space is overwritten with new data. Unfortunately such files are inaccessible to operating system, but a data recovery tool scan the device and recover with the help of file extension.

Remo Recover (Windows) – Pro Edition is one such popular data recovery software which facilitates you to recover files from Windows computer. It facilitates you to undelete files from hard drives, external drives, memory cards, iPods, etc. This tool supports recovery of data from all NTFS and FAT formatted drives which are accessible to Windows operating system. This tool is highly user friendly which helps to recover your deleted or lost file with in a few clicks. You can download demo version of this software for secure windows file recovery process.