An Advanced Way to Recover Outlook PST File

Microsoft Outlook is one of the world best and popular email client application. Outlook is referred to as an email client also it features to transmit and receive mails, create schedules, notes, tasks, calendar entries as well as other sort of tasks. The PST files are restricted to the size, when PST file has reached its maximum size limit, then it automatically gets corrupted. Now, you don’t need to be panic regarding the corruption! By making the use of PST Recovery software, it is possible to repair corrupted PST. To know more about corrupted PST file repair process follow this link:

Most common situations where PST files get corrupted are following:

File system corruption: On account of operating-system up gradation or installation, the file system of drive get severely damaged. Here, the PST files get corrupt because of file system corruption and therefore all your attributes like contacts, emails, appointments, etc. becomes inaccessible.

Inappropriate computer shut down: Microsoft Outlook PST file may get damaged, in the event you turn off the system inappropriately while PST file is active mode.

Virus attack: Because of virus intrusion, Outlook PST file gets affected by which you cannot access MS Outlook profile.

Network interruptions: If you’re sharing an Outlook PST file through local area network (LAN), the file can get damaged due to some network interruptions.

Using Scanpst.exe: Usually whenever you find some difficulty to get Outlook, then you try inbuilt Inbox Repair Tool (Scanpst.exe) and when unfortunately this method not get succeed, there’s a possibility your PST file gets more damaged by further using it.

All previously listed reasons are a handful of very general scenario which means that, different users come across the file corruption. Calm down at a few of such situations as there is PST file repair tool readily available for PST recovery. This tool handles all previously listed situations very efficiently to extract your valuable deleted files data.

PST recovery tool is smarter because by default recovers deleted emails while repairing PST file and includes them in the new PST file. In case when you don’t understand the exact place of the PST files which is repaired, the software provides together with you with the substitute for search the PST file with assistance of his advance scanning technology. During scanning process the program immediately stores the PST files in the virtual memory. Hence, least number of system resources are utilized.

The program can repair the bigger PST files of size more than 20 GB. The password protected PST files can be easily repaired. PST recovery is capacity to repair highly encrypted PST file. You’ll be able to obtain back your emails deleted from Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010. You can recover email messages emptied from deleted items folder or deleted from the other Outlook folder. This tool generates the repaired PST files in outlook 2003-2010 format for easy import.

The demo version is available to check on its ability. Just once download the demo version and carry it out, if you execute, it will recover all deleted/lost PST files to ensure they are visible. To help you access the recovered files. If you wish to save the recovered documents, you can purchase the software.

Fix Error Outlook.pst Is Not a Personal Folders File

In the late 1990’s Microsoft Inc. developed a email application called as Outlook for managing the office works in the large organizations so that the employees could collaborate among themselves and work in a smooth phase. This Outlook can also be used for personal Information management where the users can store and easily manage their information.

Outlook also provides some in-built data items such as contact manager, task manager, journal, etc. which are stored in Outlook data file called as PST file i.e. Personal Storage Table. This PST file will get created on the mail server and on the user’s computer when the user creates an outlook account. The user can also work offline by using OST file i.e. Offline Storage Table which will  automatically get synchronized with  the mail server whenever he goes to online mode.

There is no doubt that the Outlook is popular because of its stunning features but often the Outlook PST is prone to corruption which leads to many errors because of which user may get panic and starts worrying about how to fix Outlook.pst is not a personal folders file error or any other errors on which the user has no control or information to fix it. User may start searching some repair tools which can fix error Outlook.pst is not a personal folders file but these tools are often unsecure leading to further corruption of the PST file. So the best solution to fix Outlook PST is not a personal folders file error is to use a trusted and secure tool like Outlook PST Repair which will repair your PST file within matter of seconds.

How the Outlook PST is not a personal folders file error occurred?

Usually the Outlook PST is not a personal folders file error occurs because of the PST file corruption due some known or unknown reasons. Some of the common reasons are discussed below

  • Sometimes, due to severe virus attacks the PST file may become inaccessible leading to different types of error messages.
  • If the number of bad sectors is more on the hard drive in which PST files are present then the PST file may get corrupted leading to inaccessibility.
  • Due to sudden termination of the Outlook application the PST files may get damaged.
  • The PST file may also get corrupted if the amount of data present in PST file exceeds its maximum size limit.

You can visit this page to get more information about the Outlook errors. Whatever, might be the error or a reasons behind PST file corruption, you make use of PST Repair Software to easily and effectively repair your severely corrupted PST in Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007, etc.

How PST repair software will help in fixing Outlook errors?

With PST repair software you will never need to worry about how to fix Outlook.pst is not a personal folders file error because it is embedded with robust and dynamic repair algorithms which will repair each and every part of the PST file. The tool is the best Outlook.pst is not a personal folders file error fixer as it also repairs highly encrypted and password PST files. The software is read only as it repairs the PST files without causing any damage to it. After fixing Outlook.pst is not a personal folders file, the tool allows you to preview the fixed file through Outlook style browser view.

Best Tool for Repairing Inbox of Outlook 2007

From past one year, I have been using Outlook 2007 in my computer. I send all my business related emails through it. But last week, suddenly I don’t know what happened; I am not able to access any of the email messages from the inbox of my Outlook 2007. Many of my important email messages have been trapped in it; I don’t know how to tackle this issue. I tried to fix this error using inbox scanpst.exe tool, but that was not helpful. Can please anyone tell me, how to deal with this issue?


Are you too have been trapped in an issue as described above? If yes, then don’t worry. The PST file might have got corrupted, just take the help of Outlook repair application and troubleshoot the problem. Outlook repair software is an effective repair tool, which has the capability of repairing Outlook 2007 inbox. Once you employ this repair software and fix the issue; then easily you will be able to access your emails. It’s an appropriate solution to you, if you are looking for inbox repair tool for Outlook 2007.


Following are some important facts responsible for the corruption of PST file:

  • Virus attack: Viruses are the most damaging stuffs for computer data, when virus enters into your PC it will infect the data stored in it. Suppose, if it infects to PST file; then it gets corrupt and you will not be able to access emails from inbox of Outlook 2007.
  • Over sizing issues: The PST file of your Outlook 2007 has certain fixed storage limit, in case the data stored in this PST file reaches beyond this limit; then PST file corrupts and you will not be able to access email messages from its inbox.

In addition to these, there are many other reasons. However you need not to panic in any of the cases, since Outlook repair application can easily repair the PST file of Outlook 2007 and makes you to access the emails from inbox of it. Not only inbox emails, you can access all other attributes of Outlook 2007. It’s a non destructive software, which just scans corrupt PST file and creates a healthy file similar to original one. For more details on repairing corrupted PST file just visit this link:


Features of Outlook repair application are mentioned below:


It’s a most powerful application, and has the capability of repairing severely corrupt PST file of Outlook 2007. Apart from Outlook 2007, this software can be used to repair inbox of various Outlook versions such as Outlook 2000, 2003, 2010 etc. It can be installed on all latest versions of Windows OS such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP etc. In a very limited time span, it repairs damaged PST file. The software is very convenient to use, as it offers step by step instructions with screenshots. This amazing Outlook repair software easily can repair compressed PST file of Outlook 2007.


Obtain the demo version of this application from website, check out how it works. If you get satisfied with it then buy its licensed version.


How to recover Outlook 2007 deleted folders

Microsoft Office Outlook a popular email client is used to manage the emails of multiple mail accounts in a single Outlook profile on your system in which Outlook is been installed. It offers you to manage your mails in both online and offline modes without any effort. Outlook provides various attributes along with emails such as, calendar, tasks, folders, appointments, contacts, journals, archive files, etc. All these data will be stored under one single file with .pst file extension. And hence the file is called as PST file.

The inbox folder in the PST file contains all the incoming mails of this email account. This inbox folder or any other features of PST file might be lost in a variety of ways as a result of data corruption. Usually the file gets corrupt on account of virus attack. Why don’t we observe how Outlook PST file may be corrupt due to virus attack. Assume that the system which you used Outlook was not updated with antivirus. And therefore when you downloaded a file on Outlook online, the file downloaded in addition to certain viruses. These viruses corrupted the downloaded file and in addition these viruses corrupted the whole Outlook PST file as antivirus had not been updated. Thus you had to loss entire Outlook data as the file became inaccessible. Such situation you need to use best tool to fix PST file that is corrupt. All kinds of other causes of this PST file damage are as follows:

  • Virus attack – Considering that the PST file resides about the system hard disk if this type of drive gets suffering from any virus then this files that are stored around the drive will end up corrupt including Outlook PST file.
  • Header file corruption – All the Outlook PST files will have header file. This file header is made up of entire specifics of PST files. And when this PST header file is corrupt due to spyware or any third party influence that affects the PST file data, causing you to be to get rid of important data.
  • Abrupt internet connectivity – While transferring any PST file like emails over network having improper connectivity you could face data loss because transferring any data in the event the network is incomplete will damage the file data, which makes it inaccessible
  • Inappropriate Outlook termination – As soon as you finish processing data on any application it ought to be terminated in the regular procedure. Else in the event you forcefully close the applying when there is still some process occurring then the data can get corrupt. For instance in case you power down the system without closing Outlook then the PST file might get corrupt ultimately causing data inaccessibility.
  • Power surge to the system – If you are working on the Outlook PST file, when there is continuous power failure to the system then the Outlook PST file could get corrupt, due to which the information becomes inaccessible.

The corrupt data from Outlook PST will be recovered with the aid of Outlook repair tool. You will get a good chance to know how to find deleted folders of MS Outlook 2007. You can repair any sort of PST files that are corrupt wit this Outlook repair tool. And following include the popular features of this Outlook repair tool:

  • Retrieves data from PST files which can be password protected, encrypted or compacted
  • You can certainly repair Outlook 2007 PST file as well as from Outlook 2003, 2010, etc. which is corrupted in lots of ways
  • Recovers every one of the attributes from corrupted Outlook PST file for example emails, tasks, contacts, calendar events, etc.
  • Easily recovers PST file data from broke or damaged Outlook PST so that you can jump on again.

This Outlook inbox mend application could be professionally useful for recovery of information from Outlook PST files. The software program can be employed on various versions of Windows systems like Windows, XP, 7 and 2003.

Tool to repair outlook PST

What is the default location of the outlook PST file and hoe repair the virus infected PST file using a good repair PST tool .Suggest a good one?

My MS outlook 2007 is not allowing me to open the inbox; it shows “PST has reached the maximum size limit”. Does it possible to fix the outlook PST file .If so by what means?

Is there any common PST file repair for MS outlook 2003 and Ms Outlook 2007? If so explain the procedural difference between them to repair PST files?

I don’t know the exact location where the outlook PST file is located. Is there any tool that could find the PST file automatically and repair by itself?

This problem arises once the Outlook PST file gets damaged because of any of the reasons. However, the best way to resolve such type of dilemma is not only a big deal today because you have fix PST software together with you, this application is probably the best PST repair tool you can purchase to mend damaged or corrupted Outlook PST file. It allows users to correct PST file on Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, and Outlook 2010 in few clicks of the mouse. Skilled professionals worldwide recommended best Outlook 2007 repair tool to solve damaged PST file. 

Outlook errors:

Oversize PST file is amongst the common problems faced from the outlook users. The dimensions of the PST file is unique in every single form of MS Outlook, whenever the allotted size limit of the Outlook 2007 PST file exceeds, it eventually brings about damage. This situation occur because users usually store each of the email attachments in the PST file and when the volume of emails increases then it can also increase the volume of attachment files that enhances the size of the PST file. If something like occurs, then you’ve only one option left i.e. use of best PST repair tool which also allows user to fix Outlook 2010 PST file when Outlook will not respond. Best Outlook 2007 repair tool always make things easier for the user as it easily fix Outlook PST file.

Virus infection from email attachments or from removable devices also ends in PST file damage. Sharing of PST file more than a local network also causes virus problem, for many these complications the perfect solution is just one i.e. best to fix outlook 2007 PST file. User can repair PST file on Outlook 2007 after errors within a few steps. Many generate a new healthy PST file by reading the whole information from your damaged PST file. Moreover, fix PST tool repairs password protected PST file with utmost ease. This application is designed by team of experts with simple graphical interface which help amateur user to repair corrupt or damaged PST file without facing any sort of complications. A tool that has maximum avail features is offered below.

The causes that strongly offer the tool is

  • Ø Compressed and password protected PST files could be repaired without the difficulty
  • Ø Helps in generating the repaired PST file in Outlook 2003-2010 format as a way to import the repaired PST file easily
  • Ø Allows searching the PST file should you don’t understand the location from the PST file.
  • Ø To fix the PST file on Ms Outlook 2007 after errors as a result of oversized PST, improper Outlook shutdown, sudden power failures, virus attacks etc.
  • Ø Has the power to fix corrupted PST file and may recover mails, journal, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, RSS etc. from corrupted PST file
  • Ø No need to get a new source PST file instead celebrate a new PST file to hold the recovered belongings in Outlook to make sure the safety of the source PST file

Needed could possibly get the download from this level


Tips To Repair Damaged Outlook PST File

Outlook is an email management tool which comes with the Microsoft Office. This Microsoft Outlook contains Emails, contact list, personal details, journals, notes, etc. Suppose what will happen if you lose all your emails and contact list suddenly and those emails are very important. You want them back at any cost. To get back all deleted emails and contact list is possible by using Outlook PST recovery software. Now you will have question that what is the PST? PST is the Personal storage table which stores all the mails, notes, contacts, journals etc. in Outlook. In Outlook all these items are stored in .pst file format.  Outlook comes in different versions like Outlook 2000, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010. These all Outlook versions are differentiated with their storage capacity. Outlook 2000’s PST file stores only 2 GB data, PST file of Outlook 2003 & 2007 stores 20 GB data and PST file of Outlook 2010 stores 50GB data. This stored data in the PST file can get corrupt,  there are so many reasons of corruption of these PST files so some of those reasons are as below,

Many people don’t update latest antivirus so there are chances of virus or malware infection to these PST file. Due to this virus infection this PST file get affect and this may cause PST file corruption. Some people try to upgrade Outlook from old version to new version of Outlook. During this upgradation of Outlook people may lose their stored data in old version of Outlook. Many people try to compact their PST file and try to make it in small size, during this compression process they lose their Outlook data. While using the Outlook application if suddenly system get shutdown without closing Outlook application then there are chances of corruption of data stored in this Outlook application. In corporate level many companies use the same PST file over network. So due to use of same PST file over network, if any error occurs during the sharing of these folders, it may affect to loss of data from PST file. People may face the problem that they are unable to access their mails from PST files due to any reasons. In such condition there is very difficult to retrieve back your data and to repair your corrupted Outlook data without any tool. To recover all lost and damaged file there is the only one way is that, you have to use recovery software.

You can use Outlook recovery tool to solve your all issues regarding to the Outlook. This software helps you to recover all your lost Outlook data like, emails, notes, journals, personal details, calendar items etc. You can recover outlook folder very easily and very efficiently by using this software. This software not only recover lost Outlook folder but also repair corrupted Outlook folder as it is. To use this Outlook recovery software there is no need of technical knowledge to recover or to repair Outlook corrupted/damaged Outlook PST folders. You can use this software very easily. To see PST recovery software results you can download free demo version of this software to preview your recovery results.

How to recover deleted folders from outlook

Outlook plays an important role in present generation in everyone’s work life. It is useful for sending an email. You can use this for scheduling your day to day work life. This is one of the communication gateways for business men, employees and other working professionals. You can keep your important files by creating folders in outlook. It enables you to create number of email accounts. The performance is very faster and reliable when compared to other email clients. One day while you are viewing the message in inbox folder unfortunately clicked the shift+Del key to delete the folder instead of normal delete. Suddenly you are irritated for your misfortune. Your mind becomes blank at that moment. You cannot blame yourself because making blunders in life is generally common for everyone. Immediately your mind was disturbed with many issues regarding deleted folder like why this is happened to me?, What should I do now?, Any tool is there to help me?.


Yes, one tool is there to recover deleted folders or recover deleted folders in outlook i.e. PST file recovery software.

The outlook is an email client which enables you to communicate peer to peer in business, office, and from one place to other place. It has the features like email, Calendar, To Do List, Password protection etc. It transfers the message very fastly. PST file is responsible for storing of messages. The maximum size of a PST file is 2 GB. These features enables user a rich user interface.


The below procedure will directs you to restore deleted folders from outlook. Go to the website of PST file recovery software. Select and click the download link and install it in your computer. Start the software and choose the “select the outlook profile” out of three options. After selecting the option it shows all the PST files present in outlook profile. Select the PST file to be repaired for folder recovery using “Browse” button. Now you should choose the PST file and scanning mode neither “Normal Scan” nor “Smart Scan”. Select the location for repaired PST file. Click on “Repair” button to start the fixing process. After completed the scanning all recovered outlook folders along with content will be displayed. You can save the recovered outlook folders.

How to Recover Outlook Folders?

Microsoft Office has many in built applications which are strong in its own features. One among those is the Microsoft Office Outlook application. Outlook is the one which can manage and store the emails, meetings, tasks, calendar events, journals and many more.

Folders are those which are used for storing all the received and sent messages. These can be placed either on the hard drive of your computer, network server. These folders can be handled by the user according to their wish.

There are some scenarios in which there are chances of loss of files and folders from the Outlook. Now let us discuss the most commonly facing loss scenarios of PST files and folders.

File Loss due to virus attacks: Sometimes PST files may get attacked by some third party tools like virus threats which causes damage to the PST files and entire folders so that these files even refuse to open also.

Some defects in networking device: Outlook basically works by using some network server. If there occurs any problem with that network server then it shows that effect on the PST files and folders. In this particular scenario you are not in a situation to repair the PST files until and unless you make use of an efficient software.

Exceeding the minimum limitation: Microsoft Outlook 2000 can maintain up to only 2GB of data. If the files exceed their maximum limit then the PST file get will corrupted and it becomes inaccessible by the users.

To avoid the loss situations of files and folders from Outlook you need to have a backup of the important files. There is inbox repair tool by which you can handle only few issues of the PST files. So you need to use Repair Outlook PST Software which can recover Outlook files.

Features of Repair Outlook PST Software:

This software has the ability to repair any of the password protected and also severely corrupted PST files. It recovers the attributes of Outlook such as calendar events, meetings, tasks and appointments along with that it also can recover Outlook folders.

Steps to download Repair Outlook PST Software:

Step 1: The first task is to downloading the software and then installing the software. Now launch the application by double clicking on the short cut icon which is there on the desktop.

Step 2: Now a new screen appears with three different options. Those are “Open PST File”, “Find PST File” and “Select Outlook Profile”. Select the option “Select Outlook Profile”. So that it can repair the files along with their Outlook profiles.

Step 3: By usingBrowseoption you need to select all the PST files which are corrupted and to be repaired.

Step 4: Now after the completion of selecting the files and scanning method which is to be done now you should select the destination location for the files which are repaired. Now click onRepairbutton.

Step 5: In the original file folder structure itself you can view all the files and folders which are recovered.






No better way to repair damaged pst file.

Unable to access your Outlook profile?? Don’t panic! There’s always a solution, just repair damaged pst file. Outlook manages attributes like inbox, sent mail, journals, contacts, tasks etc. which it stores inside a personal store file (.pst) or offline store file (.ost). Outlook really helps to communicate through emails, group scheduling etc.
•.pst files are utilized to store archived items.
•.ost files will maintain an offline folder, which allows an individual to be effective offline.
Everything has its own limitations. Each Outlook 2000 .pst file holds up to 2 GB data, when the size the file exceeds you can find likelihood of the file getting damaged/corrupted and you’ll not be able to open the file. Don’t need to be worried you will lose your entire data since you can repair damaged .pst files. Operating system such Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista supports Outlook pst repair and recovery from the .pst files.
Oversized .pst file can be repaired i.e. In Outlook 2000, .pst files are of 2 GB and when the file exceeds in size it could be damaged and you might be unable to access it. Emails deleted from your deleted items or another folder in Outlook could be retrieved. Password protected .pst files or compressed .pst files may also be repaired. Most PST files cannot be repaired using scanpst which is supplied by Outlook, can be repaired.
Files can be lost as a result of virus attack, improper system shut down, re-partitioning or re-formatting the drive. Due to this, you could possibly lose all of your contacts, tasks, journals, reminders, messages etc. and not just your emails. There are various outlook versions with different storage capacity such as Microsoft outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 has 2GB, 4GB, 10Gb, 50GB respectively.
How you can overcome these complications?
Outlook PST repair helps you to repair the damaged .pst files or recover the deleted files from the outlook folders including emails, contacts, tasks, journals etc. You can download the demo version to know just how it works. It is safe to use Outlook pst repair as it doesn’t modify your original pst file, instead it makes a fresh pst file and reads precisely what is present in your original file thus causing no damage to the first pst file and retrieving each of the data within it. It’s easy, click on and this will be saved and you’ll run the software to correct your file and recover your lost and deleted files. This software even assists you to locate where your pst file is, if you don’t know where exactly it really is.

What if I need data recovery software for specific programs?

Most of us use special applications and programs on our computers on a daily basis. One problem with storing data inside a special program is that if you accidentally delete it and need disk recovery software in order to restore what you’ve lost, it can be difficult to find the kind of software you’re looking for. Luckily, REMO Recover has special editions of their software that are intended to be used for the most popular applications and programs where you could potentially lose or delete your data.

Are you a user of Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, or do you own a Macintosh computer?

Well, REMO Recover has different software that covers many applications and different operating systems. REMO Recover has different editions of their software in order to help you easily perform data recovery tasks on these separate programs. Take Microsoft Outlook as an example. Many computer users feel that Outlook provides them with an adequate interface and functionality and use it on a daily basis. You might be one among them, but what do you do when you end up deleting extremely important emails that contained really valuable information and now you can’t find it? Well, this is when REMO Recover Outlook (PST) is going to save the day for you. REMO Recover Outlook (PST) enables you to quickly and easily perform data recovery on any lost or deleted emails inside Microsoft Outlook. With REMO Recover Outlook (PST) you will be able to recover files (.pst) that you might have archived or deleted by mistake. If the email is corrupted and you can’t open it, REMO Recover Outlook (PST) will be able to recover it for you.