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Best approach to scan PST file

Outlook is user friendly and works as the email client to handle and uphold your emails and other information.  But sometimes, this Outlook app turns out to be unapproachable due to PST file corruption. So it’s significant to recognize how to scan PST file which is sullied or wrecked due to some irregular reasons. So, some of the main causes of PST file corruptions are discussed below fundamentally focus on them.

  • Virus strike – Virus is the hazardous issue to damage the Outlook PST file. As Outlook needs internet connection and  prone to virus hit. Thus, there is a maximum chance of PST file corruption by virus attack.
  • Oversized PST file: – Each Outlook version possess PST file and it has its fixed size limit, if this size limit is surpassed ahead of its size limit, then it may be ruined. This Oversizing of PST file normally happens when you won’t delete unwanted emails or other items.
  • Unexpected closing of Outlook while functioning: – When you are functioning with Outlook,  during this if it is ended unexpectedly due to power stoppage short or some other sources might make it to shut suddenly; then there is likelihood of sleaze of PST file.
  • Internet issues: – Outlook requires stable internet connection to access the files. But sometimes there may be a chance of catching junk value due to sudden internet stoppage. It is complex to determine, and  it could lead to data loss.

If you are facing data loss from any of the above reasons, then Outlook then make use of this software and install unaffected drive. It is capable of scanning the corrupted PST file and fixes it effectively and also recoup all deleted and lost files due to PST file corruption from Outlook. PST scan tool is planned with most sophisticated features to fix PST file . All versions of Outlook can be used to scan for the corrupted PST file. It allows you to convalesce all deleted or lost emails, reminders, notes, meeting plans, requests, appointment, contacts lists and tasks from by fixing the corrupted PST file. This software is urbanized with the assist of current modern helpful elements to accomplish the repair and recover process on all Windows OS. It is proficient of fixing the error messages and works beyond your expectations. It has the capacity to restore Outlook PST file which is not completed by “scanpst.exe” scanner. It can also recover password secluded Outlook PST files capably.  This tool is available as Outlook 2010 PST scan. It is planned with easy user interface which doesn’t need  any technical knowledge to scan PST file on versions like Outlook, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010 and repair besmirched PST files in straightforward, protected and dependable way.

You can download the liberally provided demo version of PST scanner for Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2010 to weigh up its repair results. You could observe all repaired files. Trial version can fluently collects the recovered PST files in a suitable order. Then you may pay for the complete edition of this tool to hoard all recovered PST files.

Best software to repair Outlook PST file

Repair Outlook PST is professional and efficient software for repairing inaccessible, corrupted or damaged PST file. It is designed with advanced and strong algorithms to perform Outlook PST recovery effectively and in a flawless manner. This software scans corrupt PST file completely and restores all lost emails as well as other attributes of Outlook. Some of the scenarios which are responsible to cause PST file corruption are hard drive crash, improper computer shutdown, Abrupt Outlook exit, oversized PST file, file header damage, etc. In all these situations, the software can easily repair Outlook file (.PST) by making use of its inbuilt scanning algorithm.


When the PST file was corrupted, your Outlook will not respond while accessing emails and other information from it. You can get the error messages like “unable to open the folder”, “could not found file path”, “the file need to repair”, etc. At these situations your Outlook application may recommend you to run inbox repair tool i.e. scanpst.exe to fix corrupt PST file. However, this tool cannot respond if the PST file was corrupted severely. And your system may get freeze and you need to quit from running this inbox repair tool.


However, if you failed to repair your corrupt PST file using scanpst.exe tool, you can opt third party software i.e. repair Outlook PST tool. This tool was designed with various advanced features, especially to recover data from damaged Outlook PST file. It creates a copy of new PST file format to save all recovered items to ensure the original PST file was intact. It recovers emails accurately along with their properties such as To, From, subject, time, date, CC, BCC, sender, receiver, etc. Even it recovers large number of emails that are permanently deleted from “Deleted Items” folder.


Repair Outlook PST software is essential for the people who are using Outlook for business purpose because each and every emails used by them are very important and they need Outlook application with working condition at all the time. Suppose they are dealing with their clients through emails but suddenly Outlook throws errors while sending emails like “0x80040119”, then they can overcome from this problem immediately by making use of this software. Thus with the help of this software, one can save their business work, while other can save personal data.


When you find your PST file was corrupted, immediately you can resolve this trouble through getting best PST repair software from internet. Right now, you know the corrupted PST repair is very easy by making use of software. However, getting a reliable tool is not easy because there are some tools which are not designed properly and if you made use of this software, chances are more to lose data permanently. Therefore, always prefer an industry experts recommended tool plus it should be read only to ensure that your original file is safe.


To recover Outlook data safely, it is always preferred first to make use of demo version of Outlook PST repair software. You can download and install it on your system, using which you can scan corrupt PST file and view recovered items before purchasing the software. This software supports to recover data from all versions of Outlook like Outlook 2002, 2003, 2007 and 2010. You can use it on all versions of Windows operating system.

How to repair PST file from Outlook 2003

A lot of people over the globe are depend on Microsoft Outlook for emailing and managing daily work, contacts, journals, appointments, calendar events, tasks, etc. All these information are stored in a single PST file i.e. personal storage table. By default the PST file is located at C drive and stores the emails that are received or sent by you on your Outlook or other information that you are using in your Outlook. Therefore, if the PST file having such important data, is corrupted you will get the lot of problems.

Any Outlook user encountered the above situation; first they choose the inbox repair tool to fix the corrupted PST file. This is inbuilt tool provided with Outlook to repair the damaged PST file. However, most of the time the inbox repair tool may fail to repair the corrupted PST file since it is limited to solve the minor corruption issues. For example when the PST header is corrupted you can resolve the problem by using this inbuilt utility. There are many situations where you cannot fix the PST file error using this tool. In such cases you need to make use of third party tool that can be obtained from the professional data recovery company websites.

A few situations where you need to repair PST file using professional software are explained below:

  • The most common reason that could cause the Outlook PST file corruption is closing or terminating Outlook improperly. It can happen by clicking on “End Task” from the Windows task manager or power failure or sudden shutdown of system while working on Outlook.
  • Even though the latest Outlook versions Outlook 2007 and 2010 has the PST file size 20 – 50 GB, it is recommended to keep its size in between 2 to 10 GB because the oversized PST file can get corrupt and makes you all Outlook data inaccessible.
  • One more important reason that could cause PST file inaccessible is virus attack. The virus can occur through received emails or browsing internet.
  • File system corruption and OS up gradation are also the reason for inaccessibility of PST file.

In the above mentioned scenarios, in order to repair the corrupted PST file you need make use of good and reliable third party tool. It should be designed with the advanced features than the inbox repair tool scanpst.exe and it should be read only application. You can get such software through internet. To get best software, first read the reviews regarding the software that are written by the industry experts. You can also check the probability of your PST file repair using trial version of the software.

PST repair tool is a strong Outlook data recovery application; one can use it for Outlook 2003 PST repair and get back all emails and other items of Outlook within few mouse clicks. It supports PST repair on all versions of Outlook like Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, etc. To fix corrupted PST file, first it scans the complete file using inbuilt scanning algorithm so that you cannot miss any data from your Outlook. You can download trial version of this software, using you can perform all recovery steps and you finally you can view the recovered items but save them you need to purchase the license key of the software.


Recovery of Outlook .pst file after Scanpst dll error

MS Outlook is a personal information manager that was recognized by Microsoft. It is accessible as a separate application plus a part of the Microsoft office. Most of the users are still using MS Outlook 2007. The most recent version for Win is Microsoft Office 2010 and for Mac is MS Office 2011.Outlook utilizes folders in order to organize and manage the data. Though, the folder list in Microsoft Outlook causes it to be looks like it stores the information or data in the folders, it actually stores the complete MS Outlook data in a single non-relational database file which is known as PST file.


Consider a condition where your PST file is corrupted or damaged and fails to open and shows an error message. As the initial step, you tried to run an inbuilt Inbox repair tool on the corrupted PST file to fix Scanpst but, you saw an error message after running the Inbox repair tool like “SCNPST32.DLL was not found. Reinstalling the application might repair this.” The foremost reason behind this error message is that the Scnpst32.dll file is misplaced due to improper system shutdown or partial installation of Microsoft Outlook on your system. When you come across this kind of situation then, to repair outlook PST file after Scanpst dll error, you have to use Outlook Scanpst repair tool.


Now, let’s discuss what are the possible causes for PST file corruptions?


1. Installation of Outlook in an improper way


2. Improper system shutdown


3. Virus attack


4. Abrupt power failure


5. Damaged or corrupted registry files


Whenever Scanpst.dll error messages are showed on the screen of the computer then you might face many problems like, Annoying Blue Screen of Death errors, Associated system component damage, Decrease of system performance, Slow PC operation speed, Increasing times during the Outlook crash, Outlook install failure, Low quality of network connection. The most typical solutions to repair the Outlook PST file after Scanpst.dll error are the following.


• Reinstall the MS Outlook and then try to fix the file again.


• You can register the file with the aid of the following command: regsvr32 C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MSMAPI\1033\SCNPST32.DLL


• You can download the Scnpst32.dll from a safe website and substitute the corrupted one.


• If the steps that are mentioned above fail to work, then try Scanpst repair software that can fix the damaged or corrupted PST file even when the Inbox repair tool fails.


Scanpst repair software programs are one of the utmost trusted PST repair tool which fixes the PST file corrupted because of loss of data scenarios. It performs read only operation to the corrupted PST file during the PST repair process makes sure the safety of its original contents. Because of each one of these exclusive functionalities, the software is recommended by the majority of the Shareware Experts. This repair software can certainly repair the Outlook PST file after Scnpst32.dll is corrupted or missing. You can download this tool to repair the corrupted PST files.


Overcoming the Corrupted PST file is can be easy by using some reparing tool

User of Outlook often faces the situation with PST. There are several doubts about PST file and also inversely proportional files named OST which is offline file. Lets us see a tool named Outlook which involve answer for every question. How Outlook is used? Which are the back hands that Outlook purposes for storing data? Weather there’s a facility to function in offline mode with Outlook? Many such queries will probably be answered in the following paragraphs.


Outlook is often a client based tool which is used for communication. This tool is had been built by Microsoft. You will find number of such software developed for emailing but this is a most widely used tool. There are many versions which came one after the other. First comes the Outlook 2000 with PST sized 2GB then later comes the Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007 and last into the history was Outlook 2010. The issue with older version in the Outlook was its size later that has been removed by extending size of PST.

What back hand is used to save your data of Outlook?

PST is the solution to first asked query? PST is the file that is used in order to save each of the corresponding data of Outlook. This file comes in action if we assist Outlook. In older version the PST was of 2 GB that was a drawback for heavy data storage. Later then comes a PST that has been extended in proportions and also the size was 50GB which almost finishes the threat of corruption in PST file. But there are particular causes of the corruption of file aside from the oversized PST.

So after corruption, is there any possibility to repair PST?

To repair damaged PST file can be a cakewalk. Just you should download the software program online and do the installation inside your PS rest the application will do for you.

Though Outlook PST repair is not hard to accomplish but there is a danger. You can lose your file when the software selected doesn’t work properly.

What all can be the most likely reason for the corruption of PST files?

• Oversized PST file means in the event the data exceed from the size of PST file which varies in numerous versions.
• Pirated alternative party tool usage, which result in the glitches of software.
• Antivirus sometime can delete PST file if locates a threat inside it.

Is there any precaution to save from this corruption?

• Creating back is probably the safest methods to maintain your regularity in data.
• Providing good power source somewhere to ensure power failure and surge may be avoided which could cause the corruption of files.
• Proper de-activate of the application must be done and even application too must be turn off properly.

If these precautions don’t work then can we have the repaired PST through any means?

Yes the PST if corrupted may be repaired as it is stated previously. There are several trial version software downloads on internet that may be downloaded from internet and can repair the corrupted PST. But it always secures to choose the trail version instead of using the complete version.