Know How to Use ScanPST

PST stands for Personal Storage Table which is a Microsoft Office Outlook data file that stores emails, documents and other components on computer. It also provides some other features such as task manager, contact manager, calendar and journal. Since the number of mails and elements increases day by day, therefore the size of the PST file also increases. When PST files will reach the maximum size of limit then the file will get corrupted/ damaged; in order to solve this problem and if you want to fix PST files on Microsoft Office Outlook then you must use one of the best recovery tools named as Fix ScanPST Tool. This is one of the most trusted tool specially designed to repair corrupted or damaged PST files. This application is suitable for all versions of Microsoft Office Outlook including Outlook 2000, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, and Outlook 2010.

Following are some common reasons behind the corruption of PST file:

  • Exceed Size Limit: As the number of elements and mails increases daily thus the size of the PST file also increases. When PST files will reach the maximum size of limit then the file will get corrupted/ damaged.
  • Update Version: When your Outlook version works slow due to some unknown errors then you must upgrade MS Outlook application, and if user don’t have idea about upgrading MS Outlook then they might ends up with application corruption.
  • Virus/Malware Infection: Virus or Malware infection is the vital issue behind the corruption of Outlook PST file. Due to virus infection on storage drive there is a chance of damage or crash of the PST files.
  • Application Error: Microsoft Outlook file may get corrupted/damaged and crashed because of unknown errors during read/write email from internet may lead to corruption or deletion of Outlook PST file.
  • Power Failure: When you access the PST file from Microsoft Office Outlook and just because of power failure, your system get shutdown suddenly then there is a chance of corruption of PST file.

 All of the above are some common reasons behind the corruption of PST file. If you want to recover your PST file then you must go with Fix ScanPST tool. This software is having a smart repairing algorithm which is designed by experts group. Due to its reliable nature, it is recommended for commercial purpose as well as non commercial purpose too.

Excellent Features of Fix ScanPST Tool:

  • Fix ScanPST Software is one of the best software to fix PST file on almost all versions of Microsoft Outlook such as Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003 and 2000.
  • By the using of this tool, you can preview a repaired PST file on all versions of MS Outlook prior before storing in a specific location in your system.
  • This tool is compatible in all versions of Windows operating system such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2008, Windows7, Windows 8 and so on.
  • Fix ScanPST application also repairs OST (Offline Storage Table) file on Microsoft Outlook 2010, 2003, 2007, 2000 without any problem
  • Fix ScanPST Tool provides exciting real time preview option to view all repaired Outlook items through Outlook style browser.
  • This tool repairs all data stored on PST table such as messages, documents, emails, appointments, calendar etc on MS Office Outlook.
  • There is 24*7 Customer Care Supports facilities are available for users to solve the query regarding PST repair issue.

Check this out to know more about Fix Scan PST software in details.

Know How to Recover Files from Partitions

A hard disk is divided into several parts and each part is known as partition. It is helpful for you to divide hard drive into many partitions. If any of the partition gets deleted or lost then you will lose entire data from that partition due to various reasons. Don’t worry, you can recover data from the Partition by using Partition Recovery Program software to recover files from Partition.

Scenarios behind data loss from Partitions:

File System Corruption: File system defines how the files are accessed and if these file system corrupted due to any interruption then you may lose your entire data.

 Partitioning/ repartitioning errors: If any sort of errors occur during the process of hard drive repartitioning then existing partitions may get corrupted.  As a result, you may lose entire data from that partition.

Deletion by antivirus: When a hard disk partition gets infected by harmful virus then you might use antivirus application to fix the issue, sometimes this antivirus tool deletes severely infected partitions, after which important data will get lost.

MFT Corruption: Master File Table (MFT) is an important part of NTFS file system and stores all the information like file name, data and permissions of all files. If MFT get damaged due to some reasons like extensive fragmentation, etc then you will lose data from that partition.

Damaged HFS File System: HFS file system of Mac gets corrupted due to various reasons such power failure, hardware failure, sudden system shutdown, virus attack, etc which leads to data loss.

Partition Scheme Incompatibility: PowerPC Mac can be used with GUID partition scheme whereas Intel based Mac computers are used with Apple Partition scheme. When you try to install Mac OS X on an Intel based hard drive volume this incompatibility issue arises. As a result, you may get an error messages like “You cannot install Mac OS X “.

Features of Partition Recovery Program software:

  • Partition Recovery Program software is effective file retrieval software to get back lost or deleted files from different types of storage devices like USB drives, external hard disks, memory card, etc.
  • It supports partition recovery on different versions of Windows (Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 2003, etc) and Mac operating system (Mavericks, Leopard, Lion, Snow Leopard, Yosemite, Mountain Lion, etc).
  • It recovers files, like, document files, video files, audios, photo files, etc from partitions of hard drive.
  • It is the best partition app, which is free from all form of security threats such as viruses and malware programs etc.
  • It retrieves partition recovery on some of the famous brands of hard drives like Toshiba, Maxtor, OCZ technology, Seagate, etc.
  • Preview option allows the users to view the recovered files from partition of the hard drive.
  • Demo version is available for the users to check the depth of the software. After recovery process if you are satisfied with the recovered files then you can upgrade the application with full version.

How to Recover Deleted JPG Picture Files from Mac Computer?

JPG file is one of the most widely used file format for image files. The advantage of using this file format is, it requires less storage space and can be easily processed with any image processing tool on Mac computers. And as we know Mac operating system are probably the best which are extensively in use these days. The more user friendly graphical display of Mac PC is another factor which is accountable for user’s attraction. But sometimes, while previewing the images on Mac computer unknowingly you may delete some images from Mac computer. Apart from this accidental deletion, images can also get deleted due to various other reasons that are listed below:

Accidental deletion due to human errors: While managing the image files on memory card, you may accidentally delete JPEG and any other image files by clicking “Delete/Delete All” option. These accidentally deleted files do not get stored inside the Recycle Bin folder of the computer. Hence, in order to recover these accidentally deleted image files you may have to use reliable image recovery software.

Transfer errors: JPEG and some other image files can also get deleted from Mac computer, if any interruption occurs during the file transfer from removable devices like pen drives, external storage devices, memory cards etc. to PC. The interruption can occur due to any software or hardware error like abrupt removal of these removable devices etc.

Improper usage of removable storage devices: Using the same memory card on different computer that are formatted with different file system, can corrupt the memory card that can result in image deletion from the memory card.

Other scenarios: Some other scenarios that can also cause the deletion of JPEG files from the memory card are as follows: file format corruption, format error, abrupt removal of external storage devices etc.

Whenever you encounter with these above mentioned JPG file deletion scenarios on Mac computer, then you can simply recover deleted jpg files on Mac by making use of Mac iPhoto Recovery software.

Remarkable features of Mac iPhoto Recovery software:

  • Mac iPhoto Recovery software can easily restore deleted JPG images on Mac operating system of following versions like Mac Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion, Yosemite and OS X etc.
  • By making use of Mac iPhoto Recovery software, you can also recover deleted JPG files on Mac hard drives of following manufacturers like Seagate, Western Digital, Toshiba, Transcend, Samsung etc.
  • By making use of this image recovery tool, you can perform the recovery of some other deleted files like audio files, video files, and documents etc.
  • This photo recovery tool also helps to recover deleted JPG files on Mac hard drive that are formatted with different file systems like HFS X, FAT, and HFS X etc.
  • Apart from the JPG image file format, it can also recover other Image file formats like JPG, PNG, and BMP etc.
  • With the help of demo version of this image recovery tool, you can recover all deleted image files on Mac computer and after the recovery of these deleted files, it allows to preview these recovered files by making use of “Preview” option of this tool.

Efficient Way to Repair MS Outlook PST File

Microsoft Outlook is widely used application over the network that is mainly used for the purpose of sending and receiving email messages. Beside from emailing, it has many useful stuffs like saving contacts, notes, meetings, appointments, journals, calendars and etc. Outlook stores all the data into a very important data file known as Personal Storage Table. It is usually shorted as PST file. PST file stores all the data in a single folder and it make easy accessibility of data.

Sometimes PST file may get corrupted. Once PST file is corrupted, its entire information becomes inaccessible. Outlook PST file may get corrupted due to various reasons. An inbox repair tool known as scanpst.exe, that comes out with Microsoft Outlook application is used for fixing corrupted PST file. But, generally this inbox repair tool fails to repair PST file. In such a scenario, you can fix corrupted PST file with the assistance of Repair PST File software.

Reasons behind corruption of PST file:

Virus Attack: Virus can make your PST file inaccessible. If your PST file is severely infected by harmful virus attack, then your PST file gets corrupted and make your PST file inaccessible.

Power Failure: Outlook closes improperly due to power failure or sudden shutdown of system. In such situations, your PST file may get corrupted.

Oversized PST File: PST file get corrupted if they exceed the allocated size of that PST file. For Outlook 2007, the oversized limit is 20 GB.

Header File Corruption: Header file contains all information about the PST file like name, date of creation, size, etc. It may get corrupted due to various reasons and when you attempt to access that PST file then you will get an error message.

Bad Sectors: If there are any bad sectors on your hard disk and your PST file stored on them then it may results in inaccessibility of your PST file.

Outlook Up -gradation: If you encounter any error message, while upgrading your MS Outlook application, then it will result in the corruption of PST file. Usually, it happens due to choosing improper method of Outlook up gradation.  Generally, users with insufficient knowledge regarding Outlook upgrading method face this issue.

Other Reasons: There are several other reasons behind corruption of PST file such as error due to compacting, storage device failure, etc.

Precautionary measures:

  • Don’t terminate Outlook improperly to avoid corruption of PST file.
  • Always keep backup of your PST file in order to use it in case of emergency.
  • Try to accommodate your PST file within the allocated size limit according to different version of Outlook to avoid PST file corruption.
  • Use updated Antivirus to keep your system free from virus attack.

Features of Repair PST File software:

  • It repairs PST file on all latest versions of Microsoft Outlook such as 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, etc.
  • This tool is compatible to repair PST file on various versions of Windows operating system such as Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2008, etc.
  • During repairing process, it recovers your entire lost or deleted PST items such as emails, contacts, meeting, task, notes, etc.
  • Preview option is available for the users to preview the repaired results.
  • Software takes very less memory space for installations.
  • The software has the capability to fix oversized PST file.
  • It can also fix password protected and highly encrypted PST file.

This software not only repairs corrupted PST file but also recovers deleted PST file

How to Start Computer in Safe Mode?

Has your PC or laptop is not starting or booting correctly? If yes, then here is a solution to overcome from the booting issues. Use Safe mode method to start your system.

What is Safe mode?

Safe mode is a troubleshooting option for Windows that starts your computer in a limited state. Only the basic files and drivers necessary to run Windows are started.

If a problem doesn’t reappear when you start in safe mode, you can eliminate the default settings and basic device drivers as possible causes. If a recently installed program, device, or driver prevents Windows from running correctly, you can start your computer in safe mode and then remove the program that’s causing the problem.

How to begin Safe mode on your computer?

  • First, remove all floppy disks, CDs, and DVDs from your computer, and then restart your system.
  • Procedure to restart computer
    • Click the Start button Picture of Start button, click the arrow next to the Shut Down button Picture of Shut Down button, and then click Restart.
  • Just follow any one among the following steps:
    • If your computer has a single operating system installed, press and hold the F8 key as your computer restarts. You need to press F8 before the Windows logo appears. If the Windows logo appears, you’ll need to try again by waiting until the Windows logon prompt appears, and then shutting down and restarting your computer.
    • If your computer has more than one operating system, use the arrow keys to highlight the operating system you want to start in safe mode, and then press F8.
  • On the Advanced Boot Options screen, use the arrow keys to highlight the safe mode option you want, and then press Enter.
  • Log on to your computer with a user account that has administrator rights.

Note: When your computer is in safe mode, you’ll see the words Safe Mode in the corners of your monitor. To exit safe mode, restart your computer and let Windows start normally.

How to Recover Micro SD Card Data That Was Not Ejected Properly?

Micro SD memory card is one of the most widely used flash memory cards used with electronic gadgets like digital cameras, mobile phones, iPods, etc. Micro SD memory card is generally used to store files like audio, videos and image, etc. Some Micro SD manufacturing companies are as follows: SanDisk, Canon and Lexar. But like other memory cards, Micro SD memory card can also get corrupted and as a result user will lose access to the data stored on Micro SD card. The most common scenarios for the deletion of data from Micro SD card are listed below:

Data loss due to abrupt removal of memory card reader: The abrupt removal of memory card readers can cause the corruption of memory card or the damage of the file format of the memory card. While copying the files from memory card to the PC or any other data storage devices, sudden removal of Micro SD card interrupts the file transfer process and can cause for the corruption or deletion of files from memory card. Hence, to avoid the data loss you need to eject or remove these memory card readers safely and you can also use the option called “safely remove hardware” in the system.

Other Scenarios that can cause the deletion of data from Micro SD card: Some other scenarios that can cause the deletion of data scenarios from the Micro SD memory card are listed as follows: infection of files due to virus or malware infection, accidental deletion of files from Micro SD card, accidental formatting of Micro SD card can cause deletion of data from Micro SD memory card.

So, in order to avoid the data loss from Micro SD memory card, you need to recover deleted files from Micro SD memory card. For recovering data from Micro SD memory card, you can use Memory Card recovery software that helps to recover Micro SD card after corruption due to improper ejection from card reader.

Features of Memory Card recovery software:

  • Memory Card recovery tool helps to recover data from corrupted Micro SD card on following Windows operating versions like Windows XP, Vista, 2003 and 2008 server etc.
  • The inbuilt scanning algorithm of this Micro SD card recovery tool quickly scans and recover Micro SD card after corruption due to improper ejection from card reader
  • Apart from the memory card data recovery, it can also recover the deleted or lost files from other removable storage devices like external hard drives, USB pen drives, Fire wire drives etc.
  • By making use of this memory recovery tool, you can restore deleted files from formatted, unformatted, partially formatted and damaged memory cards of following manufacturers like SanDisk etc.
  • With the help of Memory Card recovery software you can easily recover Micro SD card after corruption due to improper ejection from card reader on following Mac operating system versions like Mac Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Mavericks etc.
  • It also allows recovering different type’s deleted files like image files, music files, and document files, etc. from deleted and lost hard drive volumes on Windows and Mac operating system platforms.
  • After the recovery of deleted files from memory card, it also allows to preview of these recovered files using “Preview” option in this memory card recovery tool.
  • Memory card recovery tool can recover the deleted photos from following manufacturers of camera like Canon, Nikon etc.
  • While recovering the deleted files from memory card and other removable devices, this recovery tool never alters the original content of the file. It always restores the file by creating the replica image of the deleted file.

Use This Software to Repair Damaged PST File

Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager that stores emails and various attributes such as calendars, contacts details, tasks, journals, notes, etc. in a single PST file named as Outlook.pst.  If this PST file containing these Outlook attributes, gets damaged due to any reason, then it may lead you to worry about how to repair those Outlook data. An inbox repair tool called scanpst.exe, which comes out with Microsoft Outlook application can be used for fixing corrupted PST file. But, sometimes this inbox repair tool fails to fix the issues. In such a situation, you can fix damaged PST file with the help of Fix PST software in few steps.

 Reasons behind the damaged of PST file:

External Threats: While you are accessing any emails or other Outlook attributes through network then there might be a chance that virus will affect your accessed PST file and it will make your PST file inaccessible.

Power surge: Outlook terminates abnormally due to power surge or system shutdown suddenly. In such cases, your PST file gets corrupted.

Storage device failure: When PST file is saved on bad sectors of the hard drive, then some or all PST file may get corrupted and become inaccessible.

Oversized PST file: PST file get corrupted if they exceed the allocated size of that PST file. For Outlook 2000, the oversized limit is 2GB.

Outlook up gradation: When user failed to upgrade MS outlook due to insufficient knowledge or some other interruptions then it show an error and it makes PST file inaccessible.

Error due to compacting: Sometimes users may compact PST file because of large size and if any sort of interruptions occur during compact process then it may lead to errors which cause PST file corruption.

Other Reasons: Some other reasons responsible for damaging of PST file are accessing PST file over network, compacting of PST file, deficiency in Outlook programs, etc.

Precautions to be taken:

  • Regularly update your system with antivirus to free it from virus.
  • Don’t close Outlook improperly.
  • Always keep back up of your PST file.

Features of Fix PST software:

  • It has potential to repair damaged PST file on all versions of Windows such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 2007, Windows 2003, Windows 2010, Windows 2000, etc.
  • Its unique feature ensures you that each time of the repairing process; a new PST file is generated.
  • It recovers emails as well as other attributes like contacts details, calendars, tasks, notes, etc.
  • The software has the capability to fix oversized PST file and even password protected Outlook PST.
  • It has an ability to fix damaged Outlook PST file for retrieving mails properties like subject, cc, bcc, its contents, etc.
  • If any query arises during the repairing process, users can contact the technical team that is available 24*7.
  • This software comes with a preview option; users can view the fixed PST file in the demo version itself.
  • It has capability to fix damaged Outlook PST created on Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, 2003, 2000.
  • The software takes very less memory space for installation i.e. 50 MB

How to Use Scanpst.exe to Repair Outlook Data File (.pst)?

Outlook is one of the most famous email based application which is widely used by professional as well as personal users. It provides you facility to access sent and received mail even if server is facing down. Beside of emailing features it provides you additional features such as contact manager, task manager, calendar, appointment manager, etc. Due to such numerous features many organization are relying on Outlook for successfully running their business. Outlook uses two file to store offline and online Outlook data. The main difference between PST and OST file is that OST file store cached Outlook data and PST stores actual Outlook data. PST files can be stored on your computer as back up.

PST files are very sensitive and like other digital files PST files are also prone to get corrupted due to minor issue. Corruptions of PST file lead to inaccessibility and thus loss of important Outlook data which is not acceptable. To avoid such disaster situation Outlook designer developed inbuilt repairing tool Scanpst.exe. In case of PST file corruption first you should use inbuilt Scanpst.exe, to know how to run Scanpst.exe follow below mentioned steps.

How to run Scanpst.exe?

  • First of all close Outlook application.
  • Enable show hidden files and folders option in Folder Option
  • Press Windows button on keyboard
  • In search Box type Scanpst.exe
  • Double click on Scanpst.exe to start repairing process

However Scanpst.exe tool can repair PST file only with minor issues, in case of major corruption Scanpst.exe fails to fix PST files. But fortunately to get rid of such case you no need to worry about how to use Scanpst.exe as you can use Scan PST Fix tool which can repair PST files when Scanpst.exe fails to work, Team of experts has developed Outlook repairing tool which is named as Scan PST Fix and capable enough to repair damage or corrupted PST files.

Common reasons due to which PST files may get corrupted

  • Oversized PST file: PST file size is predefined by the MS Outlook which varies with versions of application. If data stored in PST file tries to exceed the capacity of PST file then it easily get corrupted and lead to loss of Outlook data.
  • Virus Attack: As it is stored in your local system virus can also damage PST files easily. Sometime they may lead to deletion of PST file from system.
  • Improper Up gradation: You may upgrade Outlook application to use enhanced features, which may rewrite new PST file and hide old one. Thus you should store PST file in secure location before upgrading.
  • Unreliable Compressing Tool: To reduce size of PST file you may compress it, using any unreliable compressing tool may damage you PST file.
  • Abrupt Termination: Abrupt termination of Outlook application while accessing PST file may damage PST file.

Salient features of Scan PST Fix software

  • Scan PST Fix is read only software which scans corrupted PST file, extract information and store them in newly created PST file.
  • Developed with advanced search algorithm which finds PST file location automatically from your system. To know about how to find location of PST file visit:
  • It has powerful algorithm which can fix Outlook PST file created on any versions of Outlook including 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2000 etc.
  • It can repair large sized PST file without any hassle and recover emails and other Outlook data.
  • Password protected PST files can be fixed with ease.
  • After repairing Outlook PST file, it generates PST file in 2003-2010 format which can be easily imported.
  • Recovered emails and other Outlook data can be viewed in real time Outlook folder structure by using default Outlook browser.

Simplified Way of Recovering Data from External Hard Disk

The external hard drive is a portable device used for storing digital information. They are commonly used   by connecting it to computers via USB. Most of these can be re-recordable and can retain data without power. Due to extensive utilization of digital electronic devices usage of external hard drive have been increased. There are many brands involved in designing and developing external hard drives some of them are Transcend, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Kingston, Panasonic, etc. They can store various file formats like audio, video, photos, etc. The capacity of the disk varies from GB to TB and it depends on user choice. To know more about external hard disk you can refer this page.

Your files can be lost due to many reasons such as accidentally deleting using “Delete” command or “Shift + Delete”, virus attacks etc. Losing several important files will make you upset and unhappy thus if you don’t have any backup of those lost files then this can be more horrible. If you come across this kind of situations then here is awesome software named External Hard Disk Recovery tool that can make you happy and overcome your horrible situation. External hard disk recovery is made easy with the help of outstanding recovery tool. By this tool you can get back your deleted or lost Word documents, Power point presentations, Excel spreadsheets and various types of files stored in the external hard drives, memory cards, flash drives and several storage devices.

Data Loss Scenarios:

  • Abrupt removal of external hard drive from the computer may corrupt your hard drive
  • Improper shutdown and power surge while external hard drive is connected to the computer will cause severe data loss.
  • Sometimes, you may delete some files in the external hard disk by connecting it to the computer by using “Delete” option or “Shift + Delete” command this will make your file to bypass Recycle Bin
  • Some users use “DEL” command in DOS command prompt to delete files this also will make you your important files deleted
  • Using unauthorized third party application also makes you lose your important files as some unrecognized tool may not be safe to edit the files
  • Another one major scenario is when virus attacks your external hard drive then it will corrupt the files making it inaccessible resulting in severe data loss

Features of External Hard Disk Recovery Tool:

This awesome recovery tool is designed by highly experienced professional experts. By this application, you can scan the whole drive in couple of minutes in order to perform external hard disk recovery. You can restore data from hard disk deleted using “delete” option or “shift + delete” option and other some reasons with few simple steps. This software enables you with two view option such as file type and data type view. With the help of this effective application you can sort the recovered files based on name, size, date and file type.

This software is capable of recovering files from storage devices such as hard drives (SATA/SCSI/IDE etc.), memory cards (SD, XD, MMC, Memory Stick etc.), USB flash drives, FireWire drives, etc. It supports recovery of files from file system such as NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT, FAT16 AND FAT32 partitions. This tool offers you “Save Recovery Session” feature by which you can resume your recovery process and you don’t need to rescan your drive again and again. This tool can compress your recovered files in order to save disk space. It is well-suited with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 2003 & 2007 servers. This offers you safe and secure recovery as it is free from virus attack. This application facilitates you with 24×7 customer support via live chat and E-mail applications.

Fix Error Outlook.pst Is Not a Personal Folders File

In the late 1990’s Microsoft Inc. developed a email application called as Outlook for managing the office works in the large organizations so that the employees could collaborate among themselves and work in a smooth phase. This Outlook can also be used for personal Information management where the users can store and easily manage their information.

Outlook also provides some in-built data items such as contact manager, task manager, journal, etc. which are stored in Outlook data file called as PST file i.e. Personal Storage Table. This PST file will get created on the mail server and on the user’s computer when the user creates an outlook account. The user can also work offline by using OST file i.e. Offline Storage Table which will  automatically get synchronized with  the mail server whenever he goes to online mode.

There is no doubt that the Outlook is popular because of its stunning features but often the Outlook PST is prone to corruption which leads to many errors because of which user may get panic and starts worrying about how to fix Outlook.pst is not a personal folders file error or any other errors on which the user has no control or information to fix it. User may start searching some repair tools which can fix error Outlook.pst is not a personal folders file but these tools are often unsecure leading to further corruption of the PST file. So the best solution to fix Outlook PST is not a personal folders file error is to use a trusted and secure tool like Outlook PST Repair which will repair your PST file within matter of seconds.

How the Outlook PST is not a personal folders file error occurred?

Usually the Outlook PST is not a personal folders file error occurs because of the PST file corruption due some known or unknown reasons. Some of the common reasons are discussed below

  • Sometimes, due to severe virus attacks the PST file may become inaccessible leading to different types of error messages.
  • If the number of bad sectors is more on the hard drive in which PST files are present then the PST file may get corrupted leading to inaccessibility.
  • Due to sudden termination of the Outlook application the PST files may get damaged.
  • The PST file may also get corrupted if the amount of data present in PST file exceeds its maximum size limit.

You can visit this page to get more information about the Outlook errors. Whatever, might be the error or a reasons behind PST file corruption, you make use of PST Repair Software to easily and effectively repair your severely corrupted PST in Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007, etc.

How PST repair software will help in fixing Outlook errors?

With PST repair software you will never need to worry about how to fix Outlook.pst is not a personal folders file error because it is embedded with robust and dynamic repair algorithms which will repair each and every part of the PST file. The tool is the best Outlook.pst is not a personal folders file error fixer as it also repairs highly encrypted and password PST files. The software is read only as it repairs the PST files without causing any damage to it. After fixing Outlook.pst is not a personal folders file, the tool allows you to preview the fixed file through Outlook style browser view.