Best way to recover data after format

When hard disk drives are formatted or partitioned, data present in those partitions or drives are erased completely. There are different types of hard disks like SCSI / IDE / SATA / ATA etc. All these hard disks perform the common function of storing data and retrieving it as and when required. However, the storage and retrieval process in these hard drives varies and the storage mechanisms have evolved in time for better and faster performance.

There are many reasons for formatting a hard disk drive. Some of the most commonly known reasons are as follows:

  • Accidentally Formatting HDD: Sometimes, while formatting a partition or an external drive, we may end up accidentally formatting wrong partition or external drive resulting in deletion of important data from the other partitions. Sometimes you may even format a different partition while reinstalling operating system
  • File System Corruption: Microsoft Windows operating system used FAT and NTFS file system to perform data storage and retrieval process. When these file systems gets corrupt data present in them would become inaccessible or deleted resulting in loss of information
  • File System Conversion: Most of the legacy Windows operating system comes with FAT (File Allocation Table) file system. Sometimes while converting the file system, from FAT to NTFS we may format the drive or partition and forget to take the backup. In those scenarios, data would be deleted or lost
  • Virus or malware attack: When there are viruses present in the hard disk of your computer, most of the applications would not run smoothly, and the performance of your computer would be affected. In such scenarios, you may format the hard disk drive and sometimes reinstall the operating system if the system files are infected by virus, resulting in loss of data

Apart from the above mentioned reasons, data from hard disks can be deleted or lost due to various other reasons as well, like accidental deletion of files or folders from the computer, accidentally emptying recycle bin, power surge or abrupt shutdown of the system would result in MBR (Master Boot Record) corruption leading to loss of data, accidentally deleting files using shift+delete key combination, etc.

No matter what the reason for deletion of data from the computer’s hard disk or external hard drives may be; disk data recovery softwares can easily recover and restore deleted data from the computer. One among them is Remo Recover (Windows) – Pro edition that can recover data after format efficiently. The software can also recover deleted data from formatted hard disc drives even after re-installing the operating system. The software can be installed on Windows machine running Windows 7, Windows Vista, XP, Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 operating systems.