NTFS Partition recovery

The data present on your hard drives, removable storage media, CDs and DVDs are managed by your PC using a file system. Some file system or the other is used for storage of each and every bit of data on your hard drive. There are basically two file system that Microsoft supports, namely, the older FAT files system and the relatively newer NTFS file system.

Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows Vista Operating Systems make use of the NTFS file system, which is easier to use, and more advanced than its counterpart . Though the advantages of NTFS file system outweigh those of the FAT file system, there is certainly no way of completely preventing partition loss in NTFS file system. The abundance of partition recovery software available on the internet, do provide some relief for the user, but you certainly need to choose the best among the lot, to get the best results.

NTFS Recovery is made easy by the use of REMO Recover (Windows) Pro Edition software. The software lets you recover lost/deleted NTFS and FAT partitions. The software is also equipped with a feature, that lets you create a disk image of the entire hard drive, using which the user can recover lost/deleted data.